A Call To Action

Michael is a social entrepreneur focused on building movements with global impact.
As National Director of the Global Poverty Project, he co-created the inaugural Global
Citizen Festival featuring performances by Neil Young, the Black Keys, and the Foo Fighters on New York City’s Great Lawn; the Festival raised more than 1.3 billion dollars in new commitments for programs serving the World’s poorest people. The broadcast was the largest syndicated broadcast of its kind, with over 15 million viewers on the New York Times, YouTube, AOL, and on television, the campaign received more than 3 billion media impressions. Tickets were given through an innovative new platform called Global Citizen which rewards social action with tangible rewards.

Michael started exploring the world and its cultures eighteen years ago on a study abroad program in Sri Lanka, where he later returned as a Fulbright Scholar. He was a graduate fellow in International Affairs and Development at Columbia University.


Never Ending Mission

There is a responsibility that our actions should somehow be able to effect mankind, to make the word a better place.

What clients say

  • I hired Michael--on very short notice--to travel to Boston, Atlanta and New York to interview Karen Armstrong. Michael took full and expert command of each of these tasks, delivering beautifully edited, high quality video segments of each for inclusion in key sessions at the Parliament. Attendees were riveted. I'm so glad I thought to call Michael and would hire him again in an instant.

    Jenny Douglas
    Founder & Curator, The Brooklyn Cottage
  • I worked with Reckoning Studios on a great short video for the Human Services Council of NY. Michael was part of a very creative and professional team who helped make this video production process one of the smoothest I have ever experienced as a producer. The final video was regarded very highly by my organization and the client for its exceptional quality, unbeatable value and impressive effeciency. Reckoning Studios was a pleasure to work with and I would definitely hire again.

    Jenny Chang
    Director of Communications at IPMA-HR
  • I met Michael while working together on content for the Global Citizen Festival and was immediately impressed with his drive and passion for facilitating a global movement.

    Adam Butterfield
  • Michael Trainer served as Creative Director and inaugural US Country Director at the Global Poverty Project, and under his leadership the organization witnessed exponential growth.

    Simone Moss
    Managing Director - Campaigns at Global Poverty Project